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Independent driving comes with responsibility and the professionals in our company are committed to help you gain or re-gain that privilege whenever possible. In those cases where driving cessation must be recommended our staff will provide the news with compassion but with an emphasis on safety. Freedom & Mobility understands that the ability to drive represents more than transportation.

•  Social – the ability to maintain a connection with the community, visit friends, attend church or school

•  Economic – the opportunity to work or attend school in locations that might not be served by public transportation

•  Independence – the ability to go to the store, doctors appointments and handle day to day needs without asking for assistance

•  Psychological – driving is a rite of passage in our society and represents entry into the world of adults, loss of this ability can trigger depression and isolation

Driving evaluations are appropriate for new drivers and experienced drivers who may require adaptive equipment to compensate for physical disabilities, older adults who are experiencing memory loss, persons who have cognitive or perceptual disabilities, people who have to transport a mobility device and even for people who suffer from PTSD symptoms related to a motor vehicle collision.

At Freedom and Mobility, we do not believe that driving evaluation and training are a one-size fits all proposition. Both evaluation and training services are geared to the needs of the individual.


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