Adaptive Driving

Enabling the disabled driver with technology.

Adaptive Equipment at Freedom & Mobility

As members of ADED and NMEDA, Freedom & Mobility strives to stay current with all the latest technology in the industry to better serve our clients. Our occupational therapist will collaborate with you to determine the best equipment to meet your specific needs.

Hand controls offer a solution for people driving with leg impairments such as neuropathy, amputation, and paralysis.

A left-foot accelerator can be a good option for someone with weakness on the right side of their body after a stroke.

Pedal and steering wheel extensions make it possible for people with height limitations to drive with ease.

We use many different types of equipment at Freedom & Mobility.

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Freedom & Mobility also has equipment for individuals with more advanced equipment needs.

We are happy to announce that we recently added a lowered floor minivan equipped with the Joysteer driving system to our fleet of vehicles. This technology makes driving possible for people with complex disabilities like spinal cord injury and muscular dystrophy.

Learn more about the Joysteer driving system here.