Adaptive Equipment Fitting

Get the equipment you need to drive safely and confidently.

Get the devices you need to drive with a physical impairment.

Vehicle equipment modifications for persons with disabilities.

There are many equipment options available today to assist a physically impaired driver safely operate a motor vehicle.

At Freedom & Mobility, we aide in evaluating, selecting, and fitting adaptive equipment and vehicles for people with physical impairments, so you can get back on the road driving safely again.

New technology is constantly emerging to empower drivers with disabilities maintain their independence. Our Certified Occupational Therapists stay abreast of the latest developments in adaptive equipment technology, and can recommend the latest systems for physically impaired drivers.

See more information about the adaptive equipment available on our Adaptive Driving page.

Our mission is to enable drivers to obtain the technology they need to operate a motor vehicle safely and confidently, so they can maintain their freedom and independence.

Getting Fitted for Adaptive Equipment

The first step in fitting adaptive equipment is an evaluation by one of our Certified Occupational Therapists.

During the evaluation, the occupational therapist determines the appropriate equipment for the driver based on their physical abilities. The occupational therapist will discuss vehicle and equipment options during the evaluation, such as vehicle/equipment compatibility, vehicle modifications, and vehicle types.

After the evaluation, the occupational therapist will write up a recommendation for adaptive equipment. 

The adaptive equipment driver then selects a vendor from which to purchase the equipment and to have it installed in their vehicle.

After installation, an equipment fitting is done by our occupational therapist to ensure the equipment is installed properly and that it is properly adjusted to the driver.

The occupational therapist will then go for a drive with the driver in their vehicle to ensure that they are proficient with the new adaptive equipment.

Adaptive Equipment Options

We work with a wide range of adaptive equipment, from low-tech (hand-controls, left foot accelerator pedal) all the way up to a high-tech system with an electronic gas/brake/steering device.

Example equipment might include:

  • Wheelchair lockdown systems
  • Transfer seats
  • Lifts
  • Ramps

See our Adaptive Driving page for a complete list of adaptive equipment.

Adaptive equipment evaluations can take place either:

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