Driver Evaluation

The first step in driver rehabilitation.

A driving evaluation is an extensive look at a person’s ability to drive a vehicle by a licensed occupational therapist specializing in driver rehabilitation.

It is the cornerstone for driver rehabilitation and will determine the plan of care for each client at Freedom & Mobility.

An evaluation consists of a clinical assessment and an on-road assessment and usually takes about three to four hours.

The clinical assessment includes:

  • Collecting your medical and driving history which includes any secondary conditions that could affect driving
  • Vision check
  • Hearing check
  • Strength, upper and lower extremity check, active and passive range of motion, neck rotation & tone
  • Fine and gross motor coordination, head and trunk control and brake reaction time
  • Balance – static and dynamic
  • Ambulation
  • Mobility device use (if required)
  • Cognitive screen of your knowledge of road rules and signs, processing speed, attention (divided and sustained), memory, visual perceptual skills


The on the road assessment will include:

  • Transfer skills
  • Vehicle handling skills
  • Applied road knowledge
  • Applied cognitive, language and perceptual skills
  • Loading and unloading mobility device if applicable
  • Training with adaptive equipment to find the most appropriate equipment for individual use
  • Recommendations are made to vendors for specific adaptive driving equipment, vehicle selection and structural modifications as needed


Meet our driving specialists.

Beth Gibson, OTR/L, CDRS, CDI

Dustin Abram, OTR/L, DRS, CDI

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