Driver Training

Learn to drive with a physical or cognitive impairment.

We offer driver training for any person with a disability that needs additional training to become an independent driver.

We train people with a physical impairment how to drive with adaptive equipment.

We help seniors who may need to brush up on their skills to maintain their freedom and independence.

We also teach new drivers with physical or cognitive disabilities how to be safe, defensive drivers.

Driver Training Lessons

Whether you are a new driver with a disability, or an experienced driver learning to drive with adaptive equipment, our certified driving instructors at Freedom & Mobility will guide you on your journey to independent driving.


Getting started with an evaluation!

Some of the driving skills we teach during training include:

  • Defensive driving techniques and decision making
  • Traffic sign knowledge
  • Road rule application
  • Basic vehicle knowledge and handling
  • Proper mirror and seat positioning
  • Lane changing and merging

  • Starting and stopping
  • Steering and complex turns
  • Speed control
  • Parking and backing up
  • Highway driving
  • Improved scanning and attention techniques

 Driver Training FAQs

Q. How long does driver training take?

A. Training time is variable from person to person based on their rate of progress, but typically a brand new driver with no experience will take 30-40 hours of training (with or without adaptive equipment).

Q. What vehicles do we use for the training? Do I have to bring, or use, my own vehicle?

A. We do all the driver training in our company vehicles.

Q. Where does the driver training take place?

A. Our Certified Driving Instructor will come to your location for each lesson and pick up the driving student.

Q. How do I sign up for driver training with Freedom & Mobility?

A. The first step in signing up for driver training is to sign up for a Driver Evaluation by one of our Certified Occupational Therapists. During the evaluation, the Occupational Therapist will assess the student’s current skills and abilities and will develop a driver training plan specific to that student.

Q. Who gives the driving lessons?

A. All of our instructors are certified driving instructors for the State of Georgia.

Q. When do the driving lessons take place?

A. We train Sunday through Saturday from 8am until 5pm. You can let us know your availability for lessons here so we can schedule your training with a driving instructor.


Getting started with us is easy!

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