Driving Assessments & Consultation for Seniors

Safe Solutions for Senior Drivers

As our loved ones age and experience new challenges, it may be time for them to retire from driving for their safety. But how can you know for sure? And how do you have that difficult conversation? That’s why we’re here—to work alongside your family to compassionately give objective and helpful feedback. Freedom & Mobility provides services to assess how safely the senior in your life is driving in their current condition.

Find peace of mind that your loved one is safe on the road.

For senior drivers, we offer…

  • Safety-First Assessments
  • Guided Conversations
  • Options for Transition

Assessing Abilities & Having Difficult Discussions

We provide solutions for seniors to continue driving or navigate conversations to transition them out of driving for their safety. We know how valuable the independence that comes with being able to drive is, which is why we offer specialized driving assessment consultation services for seniors. Our mission is to keep them driving safely for as long as possible, or guide them through the process of no longer driving.

Finding the Just-Right Fit for Senior Drivers

Our senior driving assessment services are done using a statistically validated approach based on research sponsored by NHTSA and the National Institute on Aging. This approach measures considerations such as crash risk and individual risk factors. Ultimately, the goal is to assure your loved one is safe either by recommending that they retire from driving or provide opportunities for them to continue driving safely.
Freedom & Mobility will take the responsibility of informing you or your loved one of the liabilities of their driving and make informed suggestions to prioritize their wellbeing. This may lead to training or, if adaptive equipment is necessary, the driver will be advised on appropriate vehicle modifications and trained to operate them safely. The results we provide are always with your family and loved ones in mind when it comes to being capable behind the wheel.
  • Measures Risk
  • Statistically Validated
  • Research Based
  • By NHTSA & NIH
  • Safety-First Approach
As Needed Services
  • Physician Coordination
  • DDS Coordination
  • Training
  • Driving Retirement Recommendations
  • Adaptive Equipment Recommendations

Have You Noticed These Warning Signs?

You may have concerns about your loved one’s driving. For their safety, some seniors may benefit from a driving evaluation.Here are a few warning signs that indicate a driver may benefit from a formal driving evaluation.
  • Slow or poor decisions
  • Needs help or instructions from passengers
  • Accidents
  • Easily frustrated or confused
  • Poor positioning or wide turns
  • Noticeable dents or scrapes on their vehicle
  • Inappropriate driving speeds
  • Frequently gets lost, even in familiar areas
  • Failure to notice signs, signals, or other traffic

Senior Driver FAQs

Q. I am worried about my senior parent driving, even when it is only in their neighborhood. How do I make sure they’re safe?
A. We know how difficult it can be to have this conversation. If you think you have observed red flags in a senior’s driving, you might consider a formal driving evaluation. This allows a professional to assist the client, their family, and their physician if necessaryin determining the best plan of action for keeping the driver safe.
Q. I’ve been a good driver for over 60 years. Do I have to stop just because I am over 80?
Driving longevity can be maximized with the appropriate resources. Freedom & Mobility provides senior drivers with the tools necessary to keep them safely on the road. Our senior screening is tailored to specific abilities such as vision, flexibility, reaction time, memory, and strength.
Q. I’ve lost use of my right arm and leg after a stroke, but I still need to drive. How can I get help?
A. If age-related health problems have become a risk factor in someone’s life, a physician might recommend a driving evaluation. This will ensure a safe return to driving while adjusting to the effects of something like a stroke. Also, adaptive driving equipment may be a solution.

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