Based in Atlanta, Georgia, We Are the #1 Provider of Driver Rehabilitation Services in the Southeast United States.

We also offer special training for seniors and a complete driver education package for teenagers.

Who We Serve

Physically Impaired Drivers

We invest heavily in our vehicles to ensure a safe driving experience for the mentally and physically challenged. We are the preferred operator in the Southeast United States for families, hospitals, lawyers, and insurance providers seeking driver rehabilitation services.

Senior Drivers

We  help seniors adapt their driving to the natural changes that come with age. We know you value your freedom and independence, and we want to prolong it for as long as possible.

Contact us for experienced senior driver education.

New Drivers with Disabilities

Our driver education program for teenagers is nothing less than the safest program we could develop. Our unique experience and vehicle equipment ensure the safest transition to the road for new drivers.

Safety comes first, always.

Gain your freedom &  reclaim your mobility.

A cognitive or physical disability does not mean you cannot drive safely and competently.

Our certified rehabilitation specialists and driver training services are here to help you become a safe and confident driver so you can have the independence and freedom the ability to drive brings.

Our Programs & Services

1. Driver Evaluation

A comprehensive assessment is performed on every candidate to discover how Freedom & Mobility can help you. [Read more]

2. Driver Training

We provide complete one-on-one driving instruction for people with physical or cognitive disabilites, as well as senior drivers needing help sharpening their skills. [Read more]

3. Adaptive Driving

We fit adapative equipment for the physically impaired driver. Our adapative equipment specialists ensure every piece is installed correctly and to your specifications. [Read more]


Over 20 years of experience
10,000+ drivers rehabilitated and educated
Safety is our #1 priority